GameX Recap

After a shaky start where some of our equipment went missing we managed to set up our booth just in time for the opening.

We had a table with 4 computers sat up and all seats was pretty much busy all the time which was an amazing feeling, some people played for well over an hour and many people came back to play another time or two.

Another thing that was really pleasing to watch was that almost everyone who tried it had no problems to understand what to do. People of all ages and gaming background just took a seat and played like they were pro warlocks already.

The days at GameX was fun but exhausting, it was worth every penny too see people play and having fun, and we got a lot of useful feedback and ideas from the audience. The beta signup is filling up nicely and when multiplayer is functional we will start sending out invites.
We want to thank everyone who came by and played, we hope you had a good time and that we will see you again in the beta!

And finally, here are a couple of links, both pre and post GameX about Little Warlock:

[SV] about Warlock starts at 27:30





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