Little Warlock is Released!!!!

    Little Warlock is live NOW and can be played at Kongregate

    We hope you enjoy the game and if you want to help us even further give us a good rating :)

    Little Warlock Release Incoming!

    We are happy to announce that Little Warlock will go live on the 27th of February! We have been working on this game for a long time and we are excited to give everyone the opportunity to play it.

    You will find it on, we hope you will enjoy it!

    Little Warlock at GDC and Gamescom in Cologne

    We are happy to announce that Little Warlock will be present at GDC! We will be located in booth 168, come by the booth to have a chat and play the game. If you want to set up a personal meeting send an email to [email protected] and we will find a suitable time slot.

    Warlock is coming!

    We’ve got some really big news here, the game is finished and we are currently testing the release build! Unless we run into some serious weirdness you should be getting news about the *drumroll* release date fairly soon!

    For release you can expect 72 different cards ranging from basic soldiers to elusive creatures with special abilities. There are towers that help defenses or boost allies as well as attacking the enemies. Spells that range from heals to attacks to resource gathering. In short, a whole lot of fun things to play around with and combine for even more options.

    We have a player versus computer campaign, an arena where you can challenge your friends or get matched against a random opponent and a daily secret challenge to really test your skills, and we can’t wait to get it out there for you all to enjoy!

    Oh and everyone that helped us by testing the game during the beta stages should expect a special reward as well! :)

    Little Warlock won!!

    It’s a bit of a drop-jaw-moment really! The other nominees came from established studios and artists with multiple releases behind them. Some even market leading in their field.

    So what else can we say, more than this; once again we are incredibly humbled, grateful and overjoyed! Big hugs and thanks to the jury and to our lovely teachers and friends who helped us out during developement! Much love to all of you!

    Now it’s home to our kitchen-table office, and back to working around the clock for a full release for the world to enjoy!